Must Have Accessories for The Modern Bathroom

The modern bathroom accessories from being luxury, has now entered the world of necessity! The bathroom is not a stinky old place in the house that everyone curses going to. It is now the location to while away time. The bathing room has become so important that now there is an availability of bathroom accessories online!

Listed below are a couple of must have modern bathroom accessories:

Shower Cubicles: I hate getting the entire bathroom wet. It gives a very slimy, leaky appeal when that happens. Shower cubicles or shower curtains are a must to bifurcate the dry from the wet area. I recommend not to buy these bathroom accessories online as each bathroom is differently shaped; but rather get assistance from an interior designer.

Countertops & Bathroom Cabinets: Gone are the days of just a sink; now you need a countertop as well as cabinets to place your necessaries or sometimes a drink. Everything dealing with cleansing and moisturising the body is now found in the bathing room. The countertops and bathroom cabinets make that possible.

The Toilet Commode: This bathroom accessory was always a necessity however the designs that were luxury then are not so now! The Indian style commodes may be more hygienic as science may put it. However cheeks aside, the western style is more relaxing and appealing than a fancy whole in the ground. Some Toilet commodes come with an inbuilt spray system to help you without using your hands.

Magazine stands: It always gets boring when the pressure doesn’t seem to decrease. Hence I strongly suggest the need for a magazine stand to help you pass your time.




Soap Dispensers: Although this set will be irrelevant without a bathroom countertop the soap dispenser setis a must have for sure. In modern times one can have it colour coordinated with the bathroom itself to help it blend with the surroundings.

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