How to Become a Sports Photographer & Take Incredible Snapshots

Love Taking Sports Photos?

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Many a times when photographing our kids in the backyard or even during a school sports event we feel that we can take our skills to the next higher level and start shooting photographs on a professional basis. That, however is easier said than done. You see, there are a lot of factors involved in taking professional quality sports photos and a lot of them have nothing to do with the gear or our ability to shoot great photos.


how to become a sports photographer

photo credit: wwarby

Amateurs often ask the question, “How to become a sports photographer?” Sports photography requires more than just a love for sports and for photography. This is one of the most demanding photography genres. It requires you to invest heavily in expensive professional equipment and also have all the right contacts.

how to become a sports photographer

photo credit: Sangudo

The lens is the most important part of your gear. You will need at least a 200mm prime with a fast aperture. Any camera that was launched in the last couple of years will do, but preferably you will need something that can shoot at 7, 8 or higher frames per second with excellent noise handling features.

How to Become a Sports Photographer – Showcasing Your Work

how to become a sports photographer

photo credit: AGB in AR

To be honest, sports photography can be an awesome source for heartburns. There is simply too much competition at the basic level. Sometimes it can take years to get an opportunity to shoot in a major sporting event.

Due to rampant downsizing in the in-house press photo departments of major newspapers and publications, the future appears to be somewhat uncertain for budding sports photographers. The opportunities however lies in freelancing. Your best bet could be trying for the local papers initially instead of going for the big publication houses. This way you can build up a profile of works and also gain invaluable experience on the job.

Getting access

Become Sports Photographer

photo credit: RTD Photography

Unlike popular belief, getting access to a sporting event is almost 50% of the hard work done. As a fledgling photographer you are not going to get access to major events easily and certainly not without a press card and an official endorsement from the event organizers. Those are restricted for professional photographers who represent major publications or agencies and who have completed the necessary formalities to get an endorsement.

So, how to become a sports photographer when you cannot get access to a major sporting event? Start from the second or even the third tier events. Look for entry at the local school or college events and take it from there. Invariably you will need to speak with the PR person at such events and offer your services. This may or may not work at times but is worth a shot. You could even approach someone you know in the organizing committee to give you a permit.

Must Have Accessories for The Modern Bathroom

The modern bathroom accessories from being luxury, has now entered the world of necessity! The bathroom is not a stinky old place in the house that everyone curses going to. It is now the location to while away time. The bathing room has become so important that now there is an availability of bathroom accessories online!

Listed below are a couple of must have modern bathroom accessories:

Shower Cubicles: I hate getting the entire bathroom wet. It gives a very slimy, leaky appeal when that happens. Shower cubicles or shower curtains are a must to bifurcate the dry from the wet area. I recommend not to buy these bathroom accessories online as each bathroom is differently shaped; but rather get assistance from an interior designer.

Countertops & Bathroom Cabinets: Gone are the days of just a sink; now you need a countertop as well as cabinets to place your necessaries or sometimes a drink. Everything dealing with cleansing and moisturising the body is now found in the bathing room. The countertops and bathroom cabinets make that possible.

The Toilet Commode: This bathroom accessory was always a necessity however the designs that were luxury then are not so now! The Indian style commodes may be more hygienic as science may put it. However cheeks aside, the western style is more relaxing and appealing than a fancy whole in the ground. Some Toilet commodes come with an inbuilt spray system to help you without using your hands.

Magazine stands: It always gets boring when the pressure doesn’t seem to decrease. Hence I strongly suggest the need for a magazine stand to help you pass your time.




Soap Dispensers: Although this set will be irrelevant without a bathroom countertop the soap dispenser setis a must have for sure. In modern times one can have it colour coordinated with the bathroom itself to help it blend with the surroundings.

Keep Your Bathroom Clean Like a PRO

A clean bathroom environment is one we all desire. But keeping on top of a dirt, mould and rust prone room can be quite tricky. It’s important to look after your bathroom though, as over time, lack of care and attention can cause permanent damage to your beloved luxury bathroom suite. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend fortunes on cleaning products, and most things you have in the house, such as vinegar, are perfect for getting your bathroom sparkly and dirt free. See our top tips below for the ultimate clean…

1. Remove mould

Remove mouldy grouting or sealant with a toothbrush dipped in a solution of one part bleach to four parts water.

Choose Bella Bathrooms for your new Bathroom Suite

2. Easily Remove limescale 

Get rid of dried deposits around chrome taps by soaking a cloth or a kitchen towel with white vinegar and wrap it around the tap. Leave overnight and rinse thoroughly with warm soapy water. If there are any stubborn deposits, remove them with a toothbrush.

3. Keep taps shiny

Brass fixtures can soon look tarnished so clean by making a paste of bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice. Lightly scrub the fixtures, leave for a few minutes and then buff with a clean cloth.


4. Clean mirrors

Remove caked on hairspray from mirrors by wiping with a little surgical spirit on a soft cloth.


5. Remove stains from the toilet seat

To remove stubborn rings around toilet bowls, use a pumice stone. Keeping the stone wet, rub until the ring has gone. Don’t try this on enamel or plastic fittings.

6. Descale shower heads

Descale chrome shower heads monthly in hard water areas where they can easily clog up. Soak overnight in a solution of half white vinegar and half water and then rinse.


7. Clean Your Toothbrush 

Your toothbrush picks up thousands of germs and bacteria, even after just 1 use. So you can imagine how dirty it actually is when it’s been sat on your bathroom shelf for a few weeks. To clean it, and kill all bacteria, soak it in several tablespoons of white vinegar and leave to rest for 30 minutes. Rinse, and use as normal. We recommend doing this every other week.

8. Unblock Your Sink Without Bleach

Using just vinegar and baking soda, you can unblock your sink. No need for bleach or a plumber. Follow the diagram below.

How Different Tiles Change The Way Your Bathroom Looks

Spring is officially here, which is the perfect excuse to update your bathroom tiles and get it ready for the season ahead! The dark gloomy days are (hopefully) over, so why not inject some life into your bathroom with pattern, print & colour. Granted, we don’t all have the time, or funds to rip out the bathroom and start again, but changing or adding tiles is the ideal way to create a completely new look in your bathroom.  With an extensive selection of bathroom tile ideas available we have picked out our favourite 4 tile choices we think are perfect for spring:

Bathroom Tiles Ideas;

Impact Jasmine Glass Tiles

These beautiful Impact Jasmine Glass Tiles will add a subtle glow to your bathroom ideal for creating the illusion of soft sunlight all year round. You can choose from a variety of different sizes depending on how much colour you wish to add to your space. These stunning wall tiles will add a touch of class to your bathroom with their luxurious gloss finish. What better way to create a feeling of spring than adding a pale yelllow tone to your interior design? Even better these tiles create a stylish contrast when teamed with a modern white bathroom suite to give a high quality finish.


bathroom tiles

Impact Pashmena Glass Border Tile

If you only wish to add a hint of spring colour to your bathroom design then choose the attractive Impact Pashmena Glass Border Tiles. The dusty pink colour can infuse a floral tone into your bathroom design without being too bright. These border tiles have a shiny gloss finish so that they can really catch the eye and create a designer finish. You can choose from a variety of tile sizes depending on how much spring colour you wish to inject.


bathroom tiles

Laura Ashley Artisan Duck Egg Wall Tiles

Duck egg has been a popular colour choice with interior designers for a few years now and we think it is ideal for adding a fresh spring touch to your bathroom design. From our Laura Ashley Tiles collection these Laura Ashley Artisan Duck Egg Wall Tiles look great when teamed with the Artisan White Wall Tiles to give a pretty contrast. These ceramic tiles have a handmade feel which will help create a rustic or vintage inspired look for your bathroom – perfect for more traditional bathrooms.


bathroom tiles

Laura Ashley Marchmont Blue Tiles

Spring creates images of floral patterns and so patterened tiles are a good way of injecting this style into the bathroom. These stylish Marchmont Blue Tiles can bring a really fresh look to your bathroom with it’s cool blue design. A patterned tile feature can create the ideal backdrop for a freestanding bath or for a unique look within a luxury shower enclosure. The glossy finish will add a designer touch to your bathroom whilst offering a suggestion of colour.


bathroom tiles


All of these modern wall tiles can help you to create a spring like feeling in your bathroom with their subtle pastel colours which will add a fresh look to your bathroom design. Such is the range of bathroom tiles now available you are truly spoilt for choice in terms of colour and design. If you need a little help choosing the ideal tiles for your space then checkout our buyer’s guide blog to tiles for more tips and advice.

4 Smart Improvements Your Bathroom Needs Right Now

Making small bathroom improvements can have a large impact on the feeling of your overall space. A complete bathroom suite renovation isn’t possible for everyone due to cost and time but there are simple changes you can make which don’t cost the earth or require paying for professional help. These small improvements can bring a touch of modern design to any bathroom space and are easily achievable too.

Bathroom Improvements Tips;

Install a Vanity Unit

Hudson Reed Horizon Vanity Unit

Instantly improve the storage space in your bathroom by replacing a regular basin with a vanity unit. A vanity unit utilises the unused area beneath the basin for storage. This provides an area to store those bathroom essentials close to hand. Keeping these essentials hidden from view can keep your bathroom tidy and clutter free. Such is the wide variety of designer vanity units with basins on the current market you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you need a compact cloakroom version or a double basin vanity for the most lavish of bathrooms the choice is never ending.

The finish of the vanity unit can also make a bold statement to a bathrooms overall design. Both colours and finishes are pretty varied from soft oak tones which are popular in contemporary bathroom styles to more striking black and even red gloss finishes. You can truly create a unique design for any individual bathroom space. For a minimalist style the simplistic gloss white finishes remain a popular choice.

Invest in a Large Mirror

Tavistock Montana Mirror Cabinet

You won’t believe the difference a decent sized mirror can make to the overall appearance of your bathroom. It is particularly beneficial if your space is small or lacking in natural light. There are endless choices when it comes to selecting a type of mirror for your bathroom. Many have modern features such as LED back lighting and even built in speakers. A good tip is to place the mirror opposite the natural light source so that the light can bounce off the mirror around the room to create the illusion of spaciousness.

For small bathrooms if you team your mirror with white reflective surfaces, such as the counter top or bathroom furniture you select, then the brightness created by the natural light will be further enhanced.

Add a Luxurious Towel Rail

Hudson Reed Piazza Towel Rail

There is no better feeling than stepping out of the bath or shower into warm soft towels. This is why a heated towel rail is a must when creating a luxurious bathroom space. Towel rails come in such a wide range of sizes and styles that they can be added to any bathroom. Their wall hung design ensures that they don’t encroach on any vital floor space. This gives you the added bonus of being flexible as to where you position them in your bathroom space.

Opt for a chrome towel rail and you will find that the reflective surface gives a gleaming finish for any modern bathroom space. This will tie in with the chrome finish of contemporary tap styles and bathroom accessories.

Pay Attention to Details

Zenith Bali Chestnut Vanity Unit

It is often the additional extras in a bathroom space that give it a true sense of style. By carefully selecting the ideal accessories for your bathroom you can create a designer finish. With such a wide variety of taps now available you will find that simply updating these fittings can vastly improve the look of your basin or bath. Whether you wish to choose minimalist mixer taps for a contemporary design or add a touch of grandeur with some lavish traditional styled taps anything is possible.

If you can afford to change all the fittings in your bathroom it is definitely worth it to create a coherent finish. Match these fittings with complimentary bathroom accessories where possible. This can transform your bathroom into a room that is both stylish and functional.

If you are looking for some easy ways to make bathroom improvements without doing an entire renovation project then these 4 simple ideas are well worth a try!